?????? It was great,  practical,  spirit filled with a lot of humor.  God bless you and Pastor  Ituah Ighodalo ALL Glory to GOD!!!
It Was Great
Indeed it was a wonderful program. God always gives Pastor Ituah an understanding of the prayers we need and the issues to address and Pastor Bimbo did well too. Only God can bless and reward you Dupe.
It Was a Wonderful Program
We should thank you ma. I was thoroughly blessed. God bless and replenish you in Jesus name amen..
I Was Thoroughly Blessed
Thanks a lot my sister. Am so happy now. I enjoyed the program.
Am So Happy Now
??? wonderful day yesterday. God really showed up from the inspiring testimonies to the word, prayer etc. ???? Well done Dupe
Well Done Dupe
Dear Sister Dupe, The prayer rally was great. Praise God. May your  reward be great. Amen. Thank you for all the sacrifice to keep it going. And thanks for allowing me to make the announcement. Much appreciated.
May Your Reward Be Great!
Hello Sister Dupe,
I thank God for your life cos you are a blessing from God and i pray the God Lord will continue to bless the work of your hands and prosper you in all ways.Amen.
I attended the last prayer rally and good lord i was more than highly blessed the prayers by pastor  ituah   was the main thing cos as he was praying i had tears running down my face and it was as if God came down on his own.
 I came to the prayer rally with the intention of breaking every yoke in my life especially in the area of marriage cos at my age (35years) I did not have any marriage proposal from amyman and it was giving me a great cause for concern,all my age mates were married and already have kids and i just kept wondering what the problem was with me cos i know i am beautiful,intelligent and i have a good job but the problem was with meeting a man.I almost married a man who wwas not at par with me cos at a point in time i was desperate but the good lord saved me from it.....and i thank the good Lord for it.
I was highly blessed that day cos i really cried to God almighty who alone can make all things possible.The next day happened to ba sunday and after church as i was reading a book written by pastor Bimbo i fell into what i will call a trance cos it was a very short sleep in which God revealed somethings to me and i could remember that i was collecting all that belonged to me and immiediately i got up and was giviing God thanks and praising him cos i know i have been released from the bondage of the enemy......I want to thank you and the other annointed ministers of God who were there for this great deliverance that happened in my life!
Barely 3 weeks after that great prayers,my friend called me up to tell me that her husband asked her if i was seeing anybody cos he wants me to meet his friend who was searching for a wife to marry but i was hesistant cos i wanted to meet my man on my own but on a second thought i said let me try it out and see how it goes and i can tell you i have not disappointed.
The guy has been asking to see my parents and i have been the one stalling because i said i want to know him more better but he keeps insisting that he knows me already and cant wait to settle down with me..........I thank God for your life and what he has done through you and i pray the almighty God to continue to bless you and and give you more years to continue with this ministry.....AMEN!
I Was More Than Highly Blessed
 Dear Sis,
I just want to tell you that I love you and I appreciate you very much. Even when I feel I'm ok and I'm back on my feet again, your inspired and anointed writings always give me that added bounce to my steps. I'm just going through some back articles online and I just remembered that I'd wanted to communicate with you for a while now. Like I always say, I wish you would not stop posting on facebook.
 Another thing, after the last prayer rally, a lot of things opened up for me. I got a job miraculously and also started a relationship with a Christian man, the first time in 4 years. I believe the understanding I received from the message by Pastor Ituah helped me to see things in a clearer light and begin to take some spiritual steps. Please when are we having another prayer rally? It's such a blessing.
God bless and keep you as he continues to use you mightily in Jesus name. Amen.
I’m Back On My Feet Again
Dear Modupe, Thank you for organizing the prayer rally held last Saturday. It was indeed a powerful time in the presence of the Lord. By His grace, I look forward to sharing my testimonies on what the Lord did as a result of attending the service. I know in my spirit that life resurrected during this time of intense prayers. Kindly let me know when you have your meetings. I will like to know more about the Woman Leader fellowship and when the meetings take place. Thank you & God bless
Easter Prayer Rally
Dear Sisters and Brothers A smile came to my face when the mail about the prayer rally came through. Although i regret that i would not be able to attend i think it is important that i testify on how good God has been to me and my family since the last rally. I hope that other people out there will be encouraged in knowing that with Him all things are possible .! I am a single mother with three lovely children. I used to work for bank that was initially a successful bank , but ran into problems and has now been bought over by another bank. As employees we all feared that our jobs were at risk and were all actively searching for alternatives. Many of my colleagues left the organization months before our fears were realized. I survived numerous staff transfer and redundancy exercises. The lord preserved my job until i was ready to make a move. I prayed to God for a better job and even a home for ourselves as we had been staying with family for a few years now. The Lord gave me a new job ,and home in another country under miraculous circumstances. Within a short space of time i have been able to relocate, get a place,and get my children into the exact schools we wanted. The whole experience has been truly humbling because for every plan i made that man said “ this is not possible, it wont happen in such a short time” the lord proved them wrong. I found favour with man and solutions were offered to problems before i even realized they were stumbling blocks. Through my trials and waiting periods I held on the the following verse day and night Psalm 16:5 “You lord are all the have, and you give me all i need, my future is in your hands” . Praise the Lord.!!! This is an awesome God and my prayer for all of you is that the lord will comfort you, strengthen you, grant you your heart desires and cause you to give great testimonies IJN. God Bless Lola
A Smile Came To My Face
Hi Dupe, Calvary greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus.I was at the last year prayer meeting and i was richly blessed. The prayers by Pastor Ituah was something else and it richly blessed me.I am glad to say that with those prayers i met my husband after the prayers last year and we just got married on October 1st, 2011.....Isn't Our God wonderful? I am happy i came for the prayers. Thankkkkkkkkkkkk so muchhhhhhh! sis arese
I Met My Husband
I really appreciate your message, my heart i really light now, i have overcome it like 80% to the glory of God. i love this part of your message that said ' the lord will give you  a testimony that will wipe away your tears and pain'. i will share it with you when it comes.God bless you real good is my prayer. please one last request - always keep in touch with me i need more of your words in time like this. God bless you.
I really appreciate your message