Single parent families headed by either the mother, the father is a tough job in the 21st century.
Bringing up Children with both
parents can be hair-raising enough, and for a single parent coping on their own, it can be a downright scary prospect. Hmmm! Tell me about it…
With no one to share day-to-day responsibilities and to help with crucial decision-making, single parents and the child may feel overwhelmed and as though nobody cares….But GOD CARES!!He has kept us through it All !!! If not for God , where would we be ? Where would our children be ? I’m sure many cannot even explain how they put food on the table ! How they get their children through school ! It’s ALL because GOD IS WITH US!!!!!??????

Our God , my God , your God is still alive. He changest not and He promises never to leave you nor forsake you !!! Join me and others as we thank the Lord and Pray, committing ourselves  our children and our future into His hands. God bless you as you come and do invite your friends.  You will be blessed??

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