“For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, everything got started in Him and finds His purpose in Him”…Coloss 1:16.”

Happiness is what we all desire to have, but are not always able to achieve because of various circumstances and issues that we are confronted with on a daily basis. So much competes with our time and we carry so much in our heads and on our minds that we tend to forget that there is more to life than the issues we are troubled with. Happiness is so amorphous, so hard to define because it is unique to everyone, Not everyone is happy with themselves or with their situation in life, though there is good in everyone, you just have to find the good in yourself and celebrate the good rather than focusing on the bad or weaker part of you.

Happiness really has nothing to do with your material achievements or your success, though success generally tends to bring material satisfaction, which invariably makes you happy.


Psychologists say that In order to remain happy or to be happy you must make a conscious effort to choose attitudes and behaviors that lead to happiness over unhappiness, you must reprogram your beliefs and values, believe in your ability to make yourself happy without depending on someone else to create your happiness. Choose to be positive and accept your negatives in a positive way, be yourself, accept yourself, value yourself, forgive yourself, bless yourself, express yourself, trust yourself, love yourself, empower yourself.

Don’t determine your self worth by what others think of you, yes the opinions of others does matter but nobody is going to value you more than you value yourself.

You can pursue happiness by thwarting negative emotions such as pessimism, resentment, and anger, by avoiding or releasing people who have negative influences on you.

For some matured single women, the absence of a partner automatically puts them in a permanent state of unhappiness. Be true to yourself, many women are living in self-denial. Some are in terrible relationships, which they know has no future, but are reluctant or afraid to let go because they feel they cannot do without a man or are afraid of being alone whilst in truth they are really lonely in that relationship. Such women need to let go and let God because the truth is not only are you better of without that relationship, you are denying yourself the opportunity of happiness with another person.


Every new day is a gift. . Learn to appreciate and make the best of every new day, by maintaining an attitude of gratitude rather than an attitude of despair and complaint.

Develop a positive approach to life.   No matter what life may throw your way, for as long as you are alive and well, there is still hope for a better tomorrow but you must be expectant and determined to forge ahead.


So how do you become the happiest ever?

Constant happiness regardless of your successes, or failures and your expectations or disappointment can only come from God.


True and complete happiness can only be found in God as only Him can bring meaning and purpose to life.


As human beings our search for our purpose in life always has a selfish motive behind it. But seeking for your purpose requires taking attention away from yourself and looking to God for His purpose for you.

What would God have me do here? Should be the questions on our hearts if we want to walk in purpose and be happy.

This means that your purpose in life is not about what you want for yourself but it is about what God will have you do with your life for Him.

Sometimes God’s delay in giving us our heart’s desire has a specific purpose that we cannot appreciate until the time that we come to the full realization of that purpose


Whatever God may have allowed in your life, He has allowed for His own glory.

Some may ask, how does a delayed marriage, a divorce, a widow glorify God?

The truth is, all these situations, God allowed for a purpose, and rather than allow the devil deny you of the joy of fulfilling that purpose, seek not to look at what has happened, look at what is ahead and how good can come out of what seems to be a dark situation for you and be joyful knowing that it can only be better.

May be you needed to be single for now to fulfill that mandate, and until you fulfill it, marriage cannot come!

Without a purpose, life is trivial, petty and pointless- Rick warren

But if you walk in purpose, you walk in obedience, and your happiness is guaranteed.

So pursue your purpose and chase your dreams!


Another way of achieving a happier you is by being a blessing to others. Go out of your way to help someone who is in a less privileged situation than yours. Get close to them and help them through in which way you can. Be rest assured that as you fix someone’s day God is also going to fix yours too!

Lastly, go out of your way to socialize more and do things that you enjoy with friends. It is important to keep your mind away from your issues especially in a society where you are daily confronted with issues that are sure to make you unhappy!


You have to have a relationship with God to achieve true and complete happiness.

If you are ready to do this today, please say this prayer: Lord Jesus, I come to you as a sinner, I surrender my life to you today, please forgive me my sins and accept me into the kingdom of your dear son so that I can live my life according to your plan and purpose.

Thank you Jesus for saving me. Congratulations,


God bless you.

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